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Math and Science Integration

Hialeah High School in Hialeah Florida is taking a giant step forward in integrating mathematics and science. This school year several teachers will be collaborating to use common real-world examples in both math and science classes to enable students to realize the connection between the two courses. Listed below are some links that they will be using.

Mrs. Vernonica King is the Chair of the Mathematics Department. A veteran of 14 years of teaching, she and her Department are making great strides in teaching mathematics.

Math and Science Links:

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Find the lastest in math challenges and other topics
Math Lesson Plans
Find lesson plans by grade level and subject
Exploring Data Website
A nice site for science and math worksheets
Discovery Channel Website
Visit offten to try different activities. These are from the Spring '98 shows.
Math Magic
Find interesting labs for math by grade level
Data Collection
Site has several lesson plans dealing with data collection, research skills and interpolation of data.
Newton's Apple
Loads of simple science projects that students can do at home. Very inexpensive materials are used and the science of the "Try-Its" is included.
Middle School Problems
Sample problems designed for middle schools that could be useful for ninth graders.
Teachers Page
Loads of lesson plans for the middle school teacher.
Paul's Chemistry Lab
Some chemistry labs for the high school teacher.
High School Lesson Plans
Loads of lesson plans for the high school teacher.
Science Resource Center
Loads of lesson plans for the high school teacher.
Science Demos
Physics and chemistry activities and demos.

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