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Carolyn L. Anderson, CCP
2648 Tantelon Place
Winston-Salem, NC 27127
United States

I am originally from New Jersey. At present I am a curriculum designer at Winston-Salem State University in Winston-Salem, NC. My job also includes training faculty and staff to use technology.

I like sports especially football and basketball. My favorite teams are the Carolina Panthers and the L.A. Lakers. My favorite college teams are Carolina and Wake Forest.

For fun I like to read mostly romance, mysteries or novels about the law. When I can find the time I enjoy jazz, R & B, and Lou Rawls

I also enjoy working with my sorority. I am a golden life member of Delta Sigma Theta

Some of my favorite sites on the web are:

Dr. Bob's Home Page
Home page of an English Professor who does Homer
Home page for Livingstone College
Freeware and Shareware for Educators
Freeware and shareware that educators using win 3.x will find helpful.

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