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Fun Math
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The questions below are examples of how mathematics is used in our daily lives.   See how many of them you can answer.

  1. A furniture manufacturer can sell dining room tables for $70 each.  The manufacturer's total cost consists of a fixed overhead of $8,000 plus production costs of $40 per table.  How many units must the manufacturer sell to break even?
  2. Avertz Rent-a-Car company charges $30 per day plus 30 cents per mile for a mid-sized car, and gasoline costs $1.09 per gallon.  If the driver is able to get 200 miles per day on a budget of $100, how many miles per gallon does the car get?
  3. The charge for maintaining a checking account at a certain bank is $4 per month plus 10 cents for each check that is written.  A competing bank charges $3 per month plus 14 cents per check.  Find a criterion for deciding which bank offers the better deal.



You are visitor number Hit Counter.  I hope you enjoy the problems.  Answers will be available after November 6, 1998.