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What we've done
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There's a lot going on with our faculty, here's a look at what's been happening lately!

  • (07/98) Ms. Anderson at Hialeah High
    Ms. Anderson spent a week at Hialeah High in Miami Florida working with the chair of the Mathematics Department, Mrs. Veronica King, on connecting math and science.  She developed a web page that gives links to sites on the Internet with experiments that could be used in both math and science classes.
  • (09/98) Ms. Taylor joins the faculty
    Ms. Barbara Jean Taylor, a recent graduate of East Carolina   University with a master's in mathematics, joined the faculty at Livingstone College.   She currently teaches Math Review, Algebra Review and Finite Math I.
  • (06/98) Ms. Anderson and Mr. Batra attend Technology Institute
    Ms. Anderson and Mr. Batra attended a Technology Institute at Fayetteville State University.  The institute emphasized using technology in the math and science classroom.